December 17, 2019

BOT Manifesto

Everyday, millions of people, willingly or unknowingly, divulge personal information to corporations for no monetary compensation. Instead, they could earn Bitcoin from those same activities.

BOT enables this future through Micro Publishing. The technology is now here.

BOT Guiding Principles

Users, through their devices, proxies and agents, are both publishers and subscribers of information streams.

Users control their machines, devices and agents. They own their own data.

A user's interaction with their own devices operates within a private enclave - cryptographic security forming Virtual Private Networks of users and devices. It is a personal space.

Whereas a user, through ownership of their information, may opt to publish either for compensation or distribute freely, thereby make their information available downstream to everyone or to a restricted audience - family, a social group of cohorts, or to users of a particular application.

Publishers set the price and conditions of use on their information stream. Publishers control their works downstream and set policy. A publisher may reject a subscriber for any reason.

Subscribers signal acceptance of this policy by sending Bitcoin to a publisher to subscribe to information streams. Subscribers consume the stream of data according to their preferences. Subscribers may customize the way they experience their subscriptions. Subscribers own their subscription since they pay for it.

With the subscription purchase, subscribers opted to receive the stream into their personal space. Subscribers continue to subscribe to the information streams which they percieve as having value. Subscribers will usually be willing to exchange their valuable money for valuable information. Ideally, this would be expressed as a pay-as-you-go subscription model. As just described, a distinguishing feature of Micro Publishing is a real time value exchange which incentivizes the publishing of quality information. If publishers abuse their stream then subscribers will summarily unsubscribe by simply stoping the flow of Bitcoin to the publisher. No advanced notice required. No undue formalities. Subscribers only pay for what they use.

Publishers earn Bitcoin. Everyone could be a publisher of streams of data and have the opportunity to earn.

Published data streams can be virtually anything.
Subscribers can be anyone, their proxy or agent, any process, any device.

Publishing and Subscribing. Honest applications for Honest money.

This enables a world of billions of people earning and spending Bitcoin.

An example using GPS

Let's take a concrete example of how the BOT platform could be used if you publish your GPS location.

Your mobile phone has a GPS sensor (as well as a magnetometer and accelerometer). Why would it make sense to stream your very private GPS location to BOT? Notice how the following usages align with the BOT guiding principles.

First, you might want to create a private enclave consisting of just your mobile phone and your home automation devices. This concept is called geofencing.  Geofencing is "the use of GPS or RFID technology to create a virtual geographic boundry, enabling software to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves a particular area". You would publish your GPS stream to BOT. Your devices would subscribe to the stream and activate according to your rules. Lights would turn on or off in your home according to your location.

Second, you could publish your GPS stream and allow your friends and/or family subscribers to know your location. In the Waze application this is called "Send Location". BOT could enable this type of feature in your own applications.

Third, you could publish your GPS stream, while earning Bitcoin, to a mapping service or information aggregator as you travel in your car. Currently, without BOT, if you are using a navigation app on your phone you are essentially giving out your information for free, while paying for the data usage and getting advertisements streamed back at you. You can do better while earning Bitcoin.

Streaming your information.
Micro Publishing.
Controlling your information usage according to your policy.
Potentially earning bitcoin.
This is what BOT can provide.

A Technical Brief

Bitcoin is the platform.
Bitcoin scales globally.

BOT pub$ub Micropublishing is one type of service that sits above participants on the Bitcoin network. Overlay networks on top of Bitcoin aid discovery, scale and other value added services. Many usage patterns are possible.

BOT is a real time value exchange (RTVX)

Connections are created and broken in real time. Information (app data), value (satoshis) and script will be exchanged all within the Bitcoin protocol.

How can a $3 microcontroller, supporting a few dozen connections at best, achieve global reach?

With the BOT mediator acting under authority of peer agency. A publisher streaming data from a resource constrained device maintains a single connection to the BOT mediator. The BOT mediator provides redundancy and clustering. In a fan-out fashion, it replicates and multiplies the stream to any number of subscribers. Subscribers are not directly connected to the publisher. They proxy through the mediator agent.

BOT iteration and evolution

The initial release of BOT is not the ultimate expression of the BOT guiding principles. It is merely a transition phase between current advertising models and a new Pub$ub Bitcoin dynamic real time value exchange. Subscription management will not be a clumbsy web interface. Instead it will happen naturally within the value exchange between the subscriber and the mediator agent acting on behalf of the publisher. Application data within script within a signed bitcoin transaction, exchanged by peers directly or through peer agency, with oracles and supernodes providing value added services. All peers, participants and devices using the Bitcoin protocol.